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July 14 2014


Tips to write a good dissertation

The whole task of writing a dissertation can be broken down into three smaller tasks for the purpose of simplicity. These tasks are: planning the thesis, writing the thesis and editing the thesis. A very important point in this regard is that most of the students tend to undermine the value of the first and the third step, i.e. planning and editing. This makes them neglect the first step completely and move on directly towards writing the research work. A large number of students don’t consider the planning phase important enough to be given an adequate amount of time, but they have to face a number of problems because of this neglect later on during the process. Similarly, not enough time is left for editing the thesis, which is quite a time-taking task and can take up more time than you could have imagined. Even if you have put in great effort in writing your thesis, but enough time has not been left for proofreading the write-up, the whole effort goes to waste. Hence, every single of the three steps has its importance. If your routine is getting the best of than you should get someone to help out and ask’em to ‘help me write an essay’, http://www.pureessay.com/help-me-write-an-essay/

While planning the thesis, first of all you have to choose a topic for it. This requires you to do a tremendous amount of reading. Explore the topics that you found to be the most interesting in that subject. This will definitely let you know about the areas which call for further research. Make sure that the area you are selecting already has sufficient research material so that you can find arguments to support your point. The planning phase involves forming a proper outline and timeline for your research apart from choosing the topic. Don’t waste too much time in planning. Just make sure you’ve spent enough time so that you don’t have the need to revise your topic or make amendments to your outline once you have started writing.

The first thing you need to do when you start writing your thesis is to get hold of all the relevant material that you came across during the planning stage. Search for additional material that you would need in order to build up your argument. Don’t forget to include in your thesis evidences in support of your point gathered from past researches. Try your best to stick to the outline while writing. Rather than suffering gravely to keep up with a tedious routine just say, that you need help with homework http://www.pureessay.com/need-help-homework/

When you are done with writing, don’t think that your thesis is done. Start to edit and proofread your paper immediately because this stage might require a lot of time. Find out and correct all the language mistakes that your thesis contains. Improve the sentence structure wherever you find it to be clumsy. Cut out all the unnecessary words to make your writing concise. Organizing your task according to these steps would definitely help you submit a flawless and excellent thesis.

February 27 2014



China has now become the second largest economy in the world. This has been the result of economic reforms since the 1980s and has made it one of the most attractive destinations for foreign companies. The economic reforms have resulted in greater economic freedom for consumers with the result that there is a growing demand for consumer goods and consumables that were earlier frowned upon in the old economic structure. The country is also the single largest creditor of the United States.

Another significant change taking place is the transition of the country from a manufacturing centre into a high-end services provider. Traditionally, the economy has relied on the low labor costs to attract foreign investment in the manufacturing sector. This has now given way to high-end products as the Chinese are developing new technologies and investing in the development of human capital as well.

In terms of administrative setup, the province of Guangdong is the centre of industrial activity in China. Almost all the major industries are located in this province. Several geographic factors have resulted in its status as an industrial hub of China. A stable climate, a natural network of waterways, and nearness to the commercial port of Hong Kong have made it a centre of trade and economic activity. Guangdong also contributes the largest share of the country’s GDP.

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An important economic problem that the country is facing is the shortage of labor. In addition, there is also the problem of wage inflation, which has resulted because of the country’s reliance on the manufacturing sector. There is also a significant currency risk because China is the single largest creditor of the United States during a period where the US dollar is fast losing its economic strength. Other currencies such as the Euro have emerged to compete with it.

The six corresponding systems serving different levels of organization

Managers at different levels use diverse kind of information systems to perform their daily tasks. There are six such information system which help keep up with global flow of information. These Information systems cater four managerial level systems which are operational, knowledge management and strategic level systems covering all functional areas of business which can be categorized as market and sale management, production and manufacturing management, management finance and accounts management, and human resource management. Managers at different levels in an organization use these systems for assistance.

The five corresponding systems which serve different levels of organization are executive support system (ESS), management information system (MIS), decision support system (DSS), knowledge working system (KWS) at operational level and transaction processing system (TPS). These systems are essential to effective business management.

Transactional processing system:  It serves the operational level of organization. It records daily transaction necessary to conduct business activities. It may include payrolls and shipment transactions. Information System goals at this level are well structured already defined and result of repeated known procedures. The challenge related to TPS is that it is least supervised system but is core to business and any defaults in it may cause heavy losses to business in long term. This system generates information for other kind of systems as is exposed to external environment more than any other system.

Knowledge work and office system:  The role of this system is to assist knowledge or data workers. Its main aim is to create new knowledge and its expertise is well integrated in the system. This system communicates with external surroundings directly; for instance the customers are its direct interaction from where it collects information for internal use.

Management information system:  This system transforms data from TPS that is worth reporting to senior management. It is primarily internal to organization and is not flexible with modest diagnostic competence. It is used to summaries operational level activities and there relation to managerial goals.

Decision support system: It is used to make unique decision on rapid change at managerial level. These are not structured and defined but depend upon information analysis. It is interactive, analytically powerful system which uses information provided by TPS and MIS.

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Executive support system:  It’s a senior management level decision making system. It utilization is non routine decisions of assessment, judgment and greater sensitivity. It also input data from MIS and DSS. The system is to design new set of procedures, policies and driving solutions for variety of problems. All these systems are interlinked to each other, support each other for input and decision making process of managers. It is important for organization to effectively use them in a right set to get results and obtain better performance

The advantages and disadvantages of linking pay to performance

Linking pay to performance cannot be generalized as a one concept for all. Performance is something that measures the results produced by an employee, whereas pay is a motivation factor and a hygiene that can also drive employee’s performance. According to equity theory, if the pay of a person is raised his performance will naturally increase, as he the hygiene factor scale will move more towards satisfaction. However although there is a relation between performance and pay, but another important thing that leaves behind is commitment, involvement and hard work. If a person is working hard and is dedication towards the task he is being assigned but is not able to produce effective result, according to pay to performance theory he will not get substantial amount of remuneration that will de motivate his work and eventually reduce the performance further.

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From the prospect of nature of work, there are some works where results are easily produced regardless of high level of dedication; in such a case linking pay to performance will increase the salary of the person performing this task proportionally. This will not justify if compared with the performance of person who is assigned some other work, as in an organization there are several types of works performed.

The advantage of linking pay to performance is that people are motivated as they will achieve pay on the basis of what they achieve and not on the basis of seniority, experience and skills.

Disadvantage of linking pay to performance is that everyone in the organization looks to accomplish individual goals rather than organizational goals.

Social media is not just the latest buzz

Social media is not just the latest buzz. Businesses like Ford and Dell are engaged in building organizational value through social media.. It is all helping the ford management if not in terms of an immediate increase in the rate of return, in building relationships with customers and ensuring a brighter prospect for the company.

Dell, yet another company to engage in social media, has an ‘idea storm’ application on a social networking site. The consumers are encouraged to make suggestions to Dell and these ideas are considered by the management at Dell. The CEO of dell also joins in the discussion.

There was a consensus among the respondents of the questionnaires that social networking sites can be safe for businesses if they are effectively managed. Respondents thought that the content that businesses put up on these sites should not be too sensitive so as to put the business’s infrastructure at risk from competitors. The information posted should also not be personal. It is professional to just include a brief background of the company or company specific information. Respondents thought that business people should treat the social space like a work place and refrain from posting inappropriate comments or messages. Respondents also thought that when advertising on social sites, businesses should keep the ad fairly generic and informational. Thus, the data suggested that businesses should use the social media strategy effectively and properly to counteract the various threats posed by social media.

Social networking sites are the virtual hangouts of the 21st century where people can interact with friends, meet new people, share music and indulge in a vast array of activities. Therefore, when business people become members of social sites, it is often seen as childish. However, the data suggested that social networking sites can be used for business networking because these sites have a potential to generate professional results. Business professional that are active on social networking sites are not considered as immature by respondents. Respondents generally pointed out in their responses that it a good idea for business people to establish separate accounts for personal connections and professional networking.

Data suggested that social networking sites can be utilized by businesses that are looking to: 1.Advertise their products or promote their brands 2.Reach out and build relationships with customers or simply 3.making their internet presence felt. Generally, social sites were seen as effective places to market goods and services. Advertising messages on networking sites were thought to be more powerful than traditional forms of marketing and static web pages. 

Today’s customers like to be heard in a direct way and prefer instantaneous responses. They like to know the name behind the brand instead of writing to a faceless organization. Respondents were acutely aware that engaging in social networking humanizes brands as customers are directly able communicate with business owners. When the head of the social media department at Ford, Scott Monty facilitated a direct connection between Allan Murray and the customers, he was looking to humanize the Ford brand and build relationships with customers.

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There were diverse responses to which social networking site is best to promote one’s business. Respondents tended to name their favorite social networking site such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Other responses varied. Some respondents were not aware of which site was the best but thought that they were all very popular. Other respondents thought that the social networking site chosen would depend upon the nature of the business and the type of audience it was trying to reach.

The data overall concludes that social professional networking on social networking sites is beneficial for businesses provided they are managed carefully. Salespersons, real estate agents and business owners can all benefit from leveraging social media. 

Importance of job characteristic model

At my work the most common problem that I found was that there was lack of job recognition. Team work was encouraged and implement. As productive as it was it also came with a lot of problems. The team leader generally made all the decisions and new ideas were not discussed. The rest of the team member never participated and did what they were told to do. This created job dissatisfaction amongst the members and effected their motivation level drastically. They felt neglected and felt that their work is not being noticed or appreciated. Also the employees have problems of communicating with the higher management and cannot express their problems. This leads to frustration and more stress.

There is a lot of competition but not in the healthy sense. Every employee does not think of the welfare of the other employee and considers them as a threat. This type of attitude in turn affects the team spirit and also effects the productivity of the team as a whole. Another major problem is those employees who work hard are rewarded as much those who do not work. Thus the employees those work so hard feel unfair and the level of motivation falls. In future the competent employees also are as lethargic as the others as they start having a serious lacking of motivation.

This is where we discuss the job characteristic model which is important because it helps create a better communication between the employer and employee. It is essential for every job to contain such characteristics in order for it to have a meaning and encourage motivation and satisfaction. In the problem discussed this would be ideal for the employees to feel that their work is being recognized. The first part of the job characteristic model is skilled variety. Employees feel motivated and less bored if their work requires skilled variety. Task identity gives employees a sense of achievement when they are involved in all tasks of the job from the beginning to the end. After that is task significance which gives purpose to the employees work.

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Autonomy plays a vital role in making employees feels that they have certain amount of control on their work and have the luxury of being able to schedule tasks and carry them out. Last is feedback which is an important factor to create good communication. Once the task is carried out the worker is then informed how well did he carry out the task. This makes the employee feel important and recognized which then encourages them to work harder in order to be recognized again.

As a conclusion the most important thing in an organization is that the workforce is satisfied with the environment in order to it to be productive rather than destructive. This can happen when business problems are noticed and changes are made to make the workplace a healthy place to work at. Decision making and good communication are a vital role to achieve such a goal. Finally good working environment also relies on good ethical moral values and should encourage equal employment opportunities for everyone to avail. Independence to employees should be given but only to a certain level which gives them freedom at the same time be answerable to the senior management thus leading to  high productivity.

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